Dance Horoscope
21 mar - 21 apr
21 apr - 22 may
22 may - 22 jun
22 jun - 24 jul
24 jul - 24 aug
24 aug - 24 sep
24 sep - 24 oct
24 oct - 21 nov
23 nov - 22 dec
22 dec - 21 jan
21 jan - 20 feb
20 feb - 21 mar

The stars reveal how you dance!

March 21 - April 21

Aries (the rams) are easily intoxicated by rock and roll, jazz, heavy metal and marching music and they like primitive forms of music. Stumping music drives them out of their mind. They have a special feeling for rhythm.

April 21 - May 21

People born under the sign of Taurus, the Bull, prefer the Polka, belly dancing and the song of love. They possess a broad musical interest and they quickly get into the musical mood with classical opera and folkloric music.

May 22 - June 22

Gemini, the Twins,are inclined towards the Twist, the Foxtrot and Chacha. Their list of hits comprises folksy melodies, like the ballads of the Southern Sea, but Twins also like opera and light music.

June 23 - July 24

Cancer, the Crabs, like tear jerkers, sad music and the blues. They find their favorite music in the romantic songs of Italy, in which they love to involve their partner.

July 24 - August 24

People born under Leo are lions and their music is disco, samba, rumba, flamenco and belly dancing. They are crazy about Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night" and they are swept away by afro music, soul and disco.

August 24 - September 24

Virgo, the virgins, love the quickstep, the waltz and the foxtrot. They also love to take dance lessons. Their favorite music is of the light romantic kind or of a little social criticism. They also love medieval instruments.

September 24 - October 24

Libra, the weighing scales, are real aficionados of dancing with a preference for showy dances, such as the Minuette and the Can-Can. Musically they prefer the French chansons and light classical music.

October 24 - November 23

Scorpio, the scorpions, lose all inhibitions when they are allowed to dance the flamenco or the strip tease. They get especially high with heavy metal and they lose themselves entirely over Tina Turner's "What's Love?"

November 23 - December 23

Sagittarius, the archers, become pacifists the moment they hear a Viennese waltz. They get into a trance with Neil Diamond's "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull." They love triumphal marches, Bach and church music.

December 23 - January 21

Capricorn, the horned sheep, love classical ballet and stiff-backed ballroom dances. Their musical inclination tends towards fugas and chamber music. Their favorite dances are foxtrot, folkloric dances, mambo and rumba.

January 21 - February 20

Aquarius, the water carriers, like tap dancing, break dances, the quick step and the Charleston. They also love rap and Reggae. But their real preference is for light musical experimentation such as New Age with electronic music.

February 20 - March 21

Pisces, the fishes, are crazy about temple dances. Music with a hint of nostalgia, that is what fishes really love, like in Italian, French or Spanish music. They dream away with expressive dances such as Salsa and the Tango.

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