Viennese Waltz 

The Viennese waltz originally comes from the South German Alps Area. During the 18th century the dances: Weller, Walzer and Landler were found, this last dance the Landler is originally the forerunner of our Viennese Waltz. Between 1800 and 1820 the steps and figures from the Landler were reduced due to the speed of music and the 6 step Viennese Waltz was born.

During the Sixties a lot of discussion was going on between Germany and the U.K concerning the number of Viennese Waltz variations allowed in Competitions. In 1983 the I.C.B.D. took the final decision: Natural and Reverse Turns, Natural and Reverse Flecker, The Contra Check change from reverse flecker to natural flecker danced over one bar of music.