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On September 8, 1997, The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that it had granted outright recognition to the International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF) as a "Recognized Federation" and full member of the IOC.

This grant of full membership is a major achievement for IDSF and dancesport (competitive ballroom dancing) and is the culmination of six years' hard work by IDSF's negotiating committee, more than two years' qualification by IDSF as a Provisional Member of the IOC, and a tremendous effort by national dancesport federations and their hundreds of thousands of members around the world.

Full membership in the IOC means a clear, final acceptance of dancesport as a legitimate sport, but it is just the beginning of our Olympic hopes, because acceptance as a Recognized Sport does not mean that dancesport competitors may now automatically compete in the Olympic Games.  To gain that right, IDSF must satisfy the IOC that dancesport can fulfill the many rigorous practical requirements for Olympic Medal Program Sports.  In order to make dancesport part of the  2008 Olympic Games (which is IDSF's present goal), IDSF must persuade the IOC to award Medal Program Sport status by September, 2001.  IDSF plans to submit its application for that recognition within the next few weeks.





IDSF and dancesport now fully Recognized by IOC

With letter of September 4th, 1997, which The International News prints hereby, Juan Antonio Samaranch, Marques de Samaranch, President of the International Olympic Committee, inform Detlef Hegemann, President of the International Dance Sport Federation IDSF, that the 106th Session of the International Olympic Committee, held in Lausanne, has granted

Outright Recognition
to the
International dancesport Federation IDSF
as Recognized Federation, pursuant to Rule 29 of the Olympic

He took the opportunity and officially welcomed IDSF to the Olympic Family.

With this a 15 years hard work and struggle, changing between hope and disappointment, of the IDSF Presidium to reach this aim has come to a successful end.

It was on November 15th, 1982, when Detlef Hegemann applied „on behalf of the International Council of Amateur Dancers ICAD" according to article 57 of the IOC Statutes, for Olympic Recognition. On September 17th, 1988, the ICAD Presidium applied for Membership within the General Association of International Sports Federations GAISF which Association was associated with IOC.
On October 19th, 1991 one of the aims had been reached: IDSF the successor of ICAD became Member of GAISF on a provisional status. During the next seven years the following achievements could be reached:

1992 Full Recognition by GAISF
1995 Provisional Recognition by IOC
1996 Membership of the International World Games Association IWGA Membership of the Association of Recognized International Sports Federations ARISF
1997 Signing of the eleven year co-operation contract with IMG/TWI Entry into the World Games and first ever IDSF World Games in Lahti
1997 September 4th: Full Recognition by the International Olympic Committee

IDSF and all the dancesport Athletes are standing at the threshold of a new area. The final aim has not yet reached. We still have to work very intensive and hard for it: The participation in the Olympic Games.

The time has come to appreciate the Work of the IDSF Presidium headed by its President Detlef Hegemann. A special thankfulness we must pass to Rudolf Baumann, who was appointed Delegate for all Affairs connected with IOC, IWGA, GAISF and ARISF by the IDSF Presidium for his never-ending and intensive effort. But as well to the IDSF General Secretary Rudi Hubert for his immense assistance and to all Members of the IDSF Presidium for their support.

On behalf of all dancesport Competitors and Officials: A hearty thank You!

Werner J. Braun
IDSF Press Commissioner.

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